/ Pre-Risk and Loss Prevention

Risk consultants ideally placed on the ground to identify risks at multiple locations throughout East & Sub Saharan Africa

Our loss prevention studies on behalf of cargo insurers, together with cargo owners, are aimed at reducing loss ratios for the Underwriter and business disruption to the Insured and their customers.

We at Toplis and Harding believe that Loss Prevention is an essential element in the assessment and improvement of the overall risk for the benefit of Insurers and Insured. We can provide advice on E.M.L., as well as analysis of hazard and protections applicable where appropriate.

Our Risk Managers and risk consultants attend various types of surveys and inspections, for both the marine and non-marine sectors.

  • Attendance during project cargo loading and off-loading operations at African ports, which tend not to be as technologically outfitted as ports in other parts of the world
  • Inspection of cargo securing before ocean transport of goods and commodities being exported from African ports
  • Packaging consultations (Transport packaging)
  • Supply chain risk analyses – for example, transferring of cargo to another truck/trailer once the goods leave a coastal port and reach a land-locked country
  • Warehouse risk analyses/assessments (non-marine)
  • Trainings/seminars for common risk improvement methods according to best industry practices (non-marine)